Host Your Own Bake Sale

Hosting a mock bake sale is simple as 1, 2, 3….and it is a great way to work with your friends and neighbors to support our great public schools. Your event will raise awareness in your community about the effects of state funding cuts to our schools. It will also send a message to state lawmakers that we care about our schools and we strongly oppose the massive cuts in state funding that are hurting our children.

1.            Pick a date, time and location

Any day during the week of April 9th will work and you may do your bake sale at any time of day.      Your bake sale can last for an hour or for longer.

Choose a public place in your community such as a park or a town square.  Your location should be accessible, visible to lots of people, and safe.

**Check with your local municipality to see if you will need a permit to have a public gathering. You will not need a permit to sell food since your baked goods are props for your event.**

Create a flyer for distribution.  Here are a few samples:

Bake Sale General Flyer

Bake Sale Flyer – Future Workforce

Bake Sale Flyer – Wrong Direction

Bake Sale Flyer – Protest

2.            Learn about cuts to your district and develop your message

The purpose of your bake sale is to raise awareness of how devastating the state funding cuts to our schools have been. You can demonstrate this by showing people how many cookies you would need to sell to make up for the cuts.

  • Go to this online calculator to determine how much state funding your school has lost in the past 2 years:
  • Calculate how many cookies you would need to sell at $.50 each to make this amount of money –for example if your district lost $1.5 million you would need to sell 3,000,000 cookies to make up for the cut.

($1,500,000 x 2 = 3,000,000)

Make a big sign with this information. For example:

Shippensburg Area School District

Goal: $1.5 million

3,000,000 Cookies

Next, decide what message you would like to share with your community about these cuts. You may consult this web site’s messaging ideas and pick one, mix them up, or devise your own message.

Need some suggestions for signs for your event? Here are a few you can use.

3.        Spread the word about your event and develop your volunteer network

Recruit people you know to help. Email your friends, talk to your neighbors, contact parents and family members from your children’s schools. Go to a school board meeting and announce that a group from your district will be holding the mock bake sale. Print out fliers (see website) and distribute them to people in your neighborhood. Your bake sale may involve a just a few people or hundreds. Make sure to tell everyone to invite their friends and neighbors to the event.

NOTE:  Send your event info to so we can upload it to this site.

Once you have volunteers on board, have people sign up to complete tasks.  You will need volunteers to:

  • Make signs and print fliers for the bake sale (Please see attached list)
  • Determine local media markets (newspapers, TV, radio stations) and contact them to tell them about the event (see press kit)
  • Bake cookies—this is a great task for people who want to be involved, but are unable to attend the event
  • Bring a table or tables to the bake sale
  • Attend the bake sale—hold signs, talk to people who walk by, and give out treats to passers-by

As you plan your bake sale, keep in mind that your goal is not to sell cookies. Your goal to raise awareness of the impact the cuts in state funding will have on our public schools and to let your state lawmakers know that you strongly oppose these cuts.

Good luck!

Questions?  Send us an email at or check out our FAQs.

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