The Week of April 9th is Bake Sale for Public Education Week!!

That’s right,  the week of April 9th, parents and community groups will be hosting local mock “Bake Sales” throughout the Commonwealth to send a message to Governor Corbett and the State Legislature:  There are NOT enough cookies in the state of Pennsylvania to protect our children from the damage that is BEING DONE to the Commonwealth’s schools!

THIS IS NOT A REAL BAKE SALE!  This is an opportunity for Pennsylvanians to raise their voices together in support of Pennsylvania’s public schools.

Learn more about the these mock bake sales and how you can host one in your own community.  I’m sure some of you are thinking:  Why a bake saleSend us any questions you may have.

If it doesn’t make sense for you to hold a bake sale, we are asking people to drop off cookies to their State Representative with this message:  The Constitution of Pennsylvania says we should provide a “thorough and efficient” education. In the past year, we have cut about $900 million in support to our schools and now those cuts are being proposed again for next year.  We would have to sell 1.8 BILLION cookies to make up for those funding cuts!

2 Responses to “The Week of April 9th is Bake Sale for Public Education Week!!”
  1. We are handing out foam board left and right to our artsy friends. They are going to make great signs for the rally!

  2. YinzerThing says:

    Southwest Pennsylvania is starting to plan for Mock Bake Sale week! We already have one bake sale planned (for Monday, April 16th – tax day) and have heard there may be several others.
    Check out the fabulous image drawn for us by political cartoonist Gary Huck (and feel free to use in your own publicity – he has donated this to our cause):

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